Hinch Says

The HH Last Hurrah

...never stop writing Photo Courtesy of: Darren James

IT IS SORT of fitting that my last editorial on this website was on the day I celebrated the fifth anniversary of my organ transplant. Five years of new life.

Now, I’m putting the Human Headline editorials in mothballs as I launch into a new life in Canberra that I hope lasts more than five more years.

It doesn’t mean I will stop writing. After more than five decades in journalism and with more than a dozen books to my name, I’ll never stop writing.

But in future, you’ll find those musings on the Facebook page of the new party I founded:  Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.

 And those words will be dissected, and the entrails inspected, as I take my seat as a Senator for Victoria in the 45th Parliament.

It seems my election has broken a record set 90 years ago. At 72, I am the oldest person ever elected to the Senate.

The record was held by Senator John Verran (Nationalist, SA) who was appointed in 1927 and served for one year.

I plan to do better than that.

So check me out on the Justice Party Facebook page.

As somebody once said:  That’s life, goodnight.


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