Hinch Says

Some Final Words

And the army grew Photo Courtesy of: Natwick

AND SO IT COMES down to this.

After more than 11,000 kilometres in the Justice Bus, we will learn the fate of this amazing grass roots campaign at the ballot box tomorrow.

If all the handshakes and selfies -- and shopping centre kebabs  and country town bakery coffees and pies-- are true, then the people of  Victoria  tomorrow will have a new voice  in Canberra.

Senator Hinch.

This editorial today will not be a last minute pitch for your votes and your endorsement of Derryn Hinch's Justice Party. We've had weeks to get my message across. And, anyway, I've been spreading the word, yours and mine, for years. For decades.

As I said in my radio advertisement:

'Listeners know what I stand for. What I’m fighting for. Now, I’m asking you, to vote for me in the Senate:  Put 1 in Box 1, above-the-line,  for Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. It is just common sense'.

As I have criss-crossed  this country (at our own expense) with my tiny team of committed volunteers, who believe so fervently in me and the cause of justice, and who believe (to steal from Obama) YES WE CAN -- I have tapped into a sad, frustrated, angry, well of disillusionment with the major parties.

Old and young, rich and poor, the sentiment has echoed that wise old Hawthorn football club coach, John Kennedy: ' Do Something! '

I hope I can, I promise I'll try.

 celebrate a milestone

For me the magic number is 219O. That's the number of days I need to fulfill six years on your behalf in Canberra. Then I can die happy.

And speaking of which: Next week I will celebrate a milestone. It will be five years since the generosity of Heath Gardner's family and the skill and dedication of Bob Jones' team at the Austin Hospital gave me a liver transplant and a new life when the pathologist said I was two weeks from death.

With the 180-kilometre Jail 2 Justice walk after 50 days in jail, and our 160,000- strong petition for a national public register of convicted sex offenders -- and now the formation of a political movement and a marathon election campaign -- I really believe I have used  those five years well.

I reckon I can do so much more in the next six. With your continued support.

Bring it on. They ain't seen nothing yet.

Thank you.


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