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Another Day in Paradise

‘plz help me..’ Photo Courtesy of: ABC-TV

I HAD PLANNED to write about something completely different today. But a short, desperate, email from a young stranger changed all that.

I can’t get it out of my mind. It makes a mockery out of some of the pious bullshit that emanates from Canberra. And, just to share the blame and guilt, a mockery of some of the platitudes from pulpits and government departments.

It also makes expressions like ‘lifestyle choices’ sound downright obscene.

The letter from a young mother from a small community in this ‘lucky country’ graphically sums up, in a few words, one of the greatest scandals that has been buried for decades and is still being pussy-footed around by state and territory governments.

I’m talking about the sexual abuse of young indigenous girls and boys.  Little kids being raped by drunken brothers and fathers and uncles and cousins.  Few get reported and even less see the attacker behind bars.

fear of retribution

And when mothers try to protect their kids they themselves are often bashed senseless and live in a twilight world too scared to complain in  fear of retribution.

The  latest cry for help goes like this:

Dear Darren.

My name is xxxxx and I would like to start off with I love the work you do. I'm a young aboriginal woman in a small community that seems to hide the filthy pedos... My young 13-yr-old has been sexual abused from a 33yr old drunk man, and what make this even sick he knew my daughter had a disability and his mother want me to sweep it under the carpet like they do here but I'm fed up with the threats and my poor daughter had to move away from this town and leave all her friends behind plz help me…’

You can only imagine what solitary hell a young mother is going through when she writes to a total stranger with a ‘plz help me..’

I will try to find out more about where this happened but don’t hold out much hope that justice will prevail. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Goes on all the time… barely worth reporting…

It’s a lifestyle choice…



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