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Utter Contempt

Woman Basher Darran Porch
Woman Basher Darran Porch Photo Courtesy of: www.facebook.com

What a day. And to me it was a great example of what crazy heights, or depths, our legal system goes to these days.

About the same time I was being charged with contempt of court today, a serial woman-basher named Darran Porch was showing real contempt for the courts.

I have been charged over alleged breaches of suppression orders in editorials and tweets concerning  Adrian Bayley’s trial for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher.

 The charges cover material from April 5 through April 9 and the papers I was served outside the St. Kilda Police Station totalled 201 pages. Call that a writ!

 I fervently believe I am not guilty of contempt of court and will contest the  case when it comes up in the Supreme Court on July 16.

At a time when rapists and killers are out on parole it seems to me that the judicial system is out of whack when so much time and energy is spent on trying to make me a whipping boy for social media. I agree that Twitter and Facebook were out of control in the lead up to the Jill Meagher trial but I wasn't one of the guilty parties. The DPP should get its priorities right.

 As I said on Today Tonight last night: Australians are angry, justifiably angry, even scared, about the weaknesses in our legal system. Especially since you’ve found out that serial rapist, Adrian Bayley, was out on parole when he raped and murdered Jill Meagher.  And murderer, Terrence John Leary, was on parole when he allegedly stabbed and tried to rape a woman at a Sydney bus stop last week.

There is nationwide dismay about parole being too easy, sentences too short and suspended sentences, which are a sick joke.

And now I face jail for an alleged contempt of court. I’ll get back to that, but first let me tell you what happened in County Court today.

That cowardly thug Darran Porch was due back in court where he is appealing   the ‘severity’ of a three-year jail sentence for yet another woman-bashing case.

This is the big brave former British and Australian Army soldier who has used RSVP as a lure and has bashed and battered women, sometimes pregnant partners, all over the world.

I interviewed his Canadian, Australian and British victims, here and abroad and  confronted him  at Melton Police station a few months ago. We ran that story in Sunday Night in March.

 The airing of that story produced more of Porch’s victims. But, as I reported next day:

Boy, can 24 hours bring you crashing back down to earth. I had thought our story about Darran Porch had struck a blow (‘scuse the tasteless pun) against these cowardly bastards who bash women.

I had so many tweets and emails of support and, sadly, other examples of brutal domestic violence. The feeling among many women, not only Porch’s battered and bruised victims, was that one basher was getting his comeuppance.

Then the crash. The very next morning after our story went to air, Porch’s lawyers went to the County Court in Melbourne and got an extension of his bail until late June.

That meant he was allowed to remain free on the streets for three more months, putting more women at risk even though he had pleaded guilty to 21 charges of violence and had been sentenced to 40 months behind bars.

 You were, and still are, entitled to ask: Why isn’t this man in jail? It got worse.  How could a man with his record (not to mention his first conviction, good behaviour bond and $1000 fine for kicking a pregnant girlfriend in the stomach)  get bail again?

Porch was due to front up in County Court today. We were there. He didn’t front.   At two brief hearings, his lawyer claimed that Porch had had himself admitted to the Alfred  Hospital yesterday  for ‘psychiatric issues’ and just couldn’t be in court. Surprise, surprise.

 Here’s a cunning manipulator who has been playing our courts like fish on a line.

 He pleaded guilty to 21 assault charges and, with his brutal record, was jailed for over three years. His appeal was against the severity of the sentence. He has now been free for months. Hopefully it ends on Thursday when he is scheduled to appear in court again.

I’m so keen   on seeing this scumbag back behind bars that I’ve postponed an overseas assignment.

Have to be back by July 16 for the contempt charges. And I will be there in person to fight what I believe is a whipping boy excursion. Ecuador is not an option. And my name’s Derryn not Darran.

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