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Clyde Simpson

Clyde Simpson Photo Courtesy of: 3AW

Last night I had to send one of the saddest tweets on Twitter that I’ll ever have to send. Summing up a life in 140 characters isn’t easy. I wrote:

Sad news. One of the most decent, loyal, people in radio ever, has died. Clyde Simpson. Knew him for 30 years. Still sinking in.Thinking of you Nola.

It was all true, Somebody criticised me on air today because of my policy that ‘ all history owes the dead is the truth’ Well that held with my comments about Clyde Simpson. One of life’s true gentlemen. Qualities like decdency and loyalty.

I knew Clyde for more than 30 years. He was advertising manager at 3AW in LaTrobe in the place I called Colditz Castle during the halcyon days of Hinch. He went on to nbe general manager at one of the first FM stations EON-FM, forerunner of MMM, where we all sort of ended up when 3AW moved into Bank Street. Along the way he was general manager at 3UZ. We were both at a madhouse called 3AK a decade ago and – not many people know this –but it was Clyde whom a guy called Ron Hall approached with a million dollar cheque that kept the station on air.

Here at 3AW this time around Clyde was a father figure. Knew everybody and everything about radio trends, radio ratings. Personally, in recent years, through my illnesses he would always put his head around my door and say ‘ How’s everything? OK?’

He angered and frustrated me – and a lot of colleagues – when he took ill and had his own battle to fight, It was his right but he became very quiet and private and, typically, didn’t want to bother anybody.

Typical Clyde. He is missed already.

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