Hinch Says


And this time it applies to me.  I was called in to the general manager’s office  after my 3AW program finished tonight and was told my services were no longer required.

I asked why and was told by the GM  Shane Healy that they planned to  ‘ take the station in a different direction’. Seeing my program is  No. I on Melbourne I’m tempted to think that direction is down.

I am in shock.  Didn’t see it coming. But had heard five weeks ago that my occasional fill-in Tom Elliott had told people at Channel Ten that this was my last year and he was replacing me. Fairly prescient.  I wish him luck.

The decision to not renew my contract  had nothing to do with last week’s on-air dispute with management over Steve Vizard. This move was decided back in June.

I will be on air as usual tomorrow. Then on leave  for a couple of weeks  while I decide on future plans. I will fulfil my contractual obligations and finish the year in as professional a manner as I can muster.

At least they trust me enough to do that. Tonight’s irony was not lost on me. I’d just come off air after doing one of the best interviews in years. An exclusive with Buzz Aldrin.  Ah well, that’s life.

More tomorrow. Follow the [non] bouncing ball.

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